Our dedicated professionals at Belfast Sports and Spinal provide a comprehensive range of treatments for many conditions and injuries from acute back and neck pain to tackling those obscure problems that you’ve had for as long as you can remember. 



You will undergo a comprehensive assessment to establish a working diagnosis of your condition, including sometimes looking beyond the location of the symptoms to find the source of the problem. We offer a very hands on approach to all of our treatments backed up with very specific and individualised rehabilitation programmes.

Back & Neck Pain

Localised neck and back pain as well as sciatica and referred pain into the arms or headaches. There are multiple sources of pain in the spine and treatment will be tailored to be effective on the source, be it muscle, joint, disc or nerve.

Sports Injuries

Muscle strains/tears such as hamstring, groin and calf. Ligament sprains such as ankle and knee. Tendon problems such as rotator cuff and Achilles. Cartilage problems within the knee, shoulder and hip. 

Joint Problems

Arthritic problems such as joint pain, swelling or stiffness and capsular problems such as frozen shoulders.

For a over a year I have been seeking help for cervical radiculopathy both from a number of physiotherapists, and in the areas of rheumatology, neurology, acupuncture and chiropractics. Amidst all this advice, I find I return to Barney’s informed, professional and clear communication. I continue to attend appointments at Belfast Sports and Spinal when required and always find the service to be of the same high standard. I can think of no higher praise.

Vincent Harkin

Tib Post tendon injury during a heavy ground 10k.  I arrived on day one struggling to walk, by week 2 the pain had gone and I was cross training, by week 6 I was jogging and I was fully fit by week 8.

Groin and hip flexor acute injury that inhibited me running. After treatment I was running again after a few weeks and was fully fit by 6.

The therapy provided by Barney was excellent.  He possesses detailed anatomical knowledge allied with years of experience with sports injuries.  He also is very aware of balancing the impatience of an athlete pushing for full fitness with giving the body time to heal and imparting the methods of achieving that balance.

David Tremers


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